K.nowledge E.mpowers Y.ou

Youth Explosion

Leadership Conference

Open to all youths 8 years old and up!

Youths will be grouped with age appropriate peers!

Friday, April 11, 2014

6:00 8:00 pm

Nelson Heritage Center

(Dinner provided for participating youths)

To get a head count for dinner for the youths,

please contact Krystal Vest at 434-760-0521 or

by email at keyoutreach14@gmail.com

Michele Vinnie Speaker

Ms. Vinnie is a spoken word artist, award winning educator, and a

consecutive two-year undefeated basketball coach at Kecoughtan High School in Hampton, VA

Leading vs. Following!

Learn the skills that make a leader!

Visit the KEY website at: http://www.keyoutreach.com/

Hosted by K.E.Y.

Krystal Vest, a native of Nelson County, co-founded with Michele Vinnie of Hampton, Virginia, a community outreach program.

The program is called KEY, which stands for knowledge empowers you. K.E.Y. has linked with the Heritage Center to provide community outreach for both children and adults. K.E.Y. aims to motivate and empower disadvantaged communities with

opportunities of educational attainment, positive life skills, community outreach, and extracurricular activities.