Nelson County Oral History Center (NCOHC) is a collaborative effort between two incorporated non-profit organizations in Nelson; the Millennium Group and the
Oakland Museum. The executive committee is comprised of two members of the Board of Directors of the Millennium Group and two members of the Board of
Directors of the Oakland Museum and one member who is on both

The Center's objectives are to produce and provide access to oral histories collected from seniors 80 years of age and above; histories from those citizens who
experienced  Integration of  the  Nelson County Public School System and the effects  Hurricane Camille* left on the county.

Each interview for the Center's collection must be accompanied by a signed release form (available at center). The Center’s staff, summer interns and volunteers will
transcribe tapes, set up and conduct interviews, as time and finances allow. These oral histories will reflect the  Center's mission.

A central goal of the Oral History Center is to serve as a repository of the African American experience in Nelson County. To this end, the Millennium Group, located
in Nelson Heritage Center, has received (and anticipates more) contributions from former administrators, teachers, students and community members in the  form of  
books, photographs, memorabilia and manuscripts.

Data collected, (audio/video) is on display at the center. (Senior 80 plus Exhibit).  This museum/library will also serve as a major research center for scholars,
students and other individuals interested
in the educational experiences of African Americans in general and Nelson County citizens in particular.

The Millennium Group received a grant from the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) in March of 2007 that was used to aid in the collection of oral
history on the life and experiences of  Nelson citizens 80 years and older.
May, 2010 MG received a grant from the Smyth Foundation (Gordon & Mary Beth Smyth)/CACF used towards the "NC Oral History Project