Workshops are scheduled throughout the year
information will be posted two weeks prior to class


(These classes are designed for Seniors)

Windows Environment - Take the Windows Basics course. Learn how to use Microsoft Windows. You will learn how to open, close, move, minimize, maximize
windows, Learn about the Desktop, Icons, Taskbar and Recycle Bin.

Microsoft Word
Word Processing - Microsoft Word. Learn how to use this word processing program. Learn how to use the menus and toolbars.  How to create a new
document, open a previously saved document, save and close documents, edit documents, headers and footers, and print documents, envelopes and labels

Electronic Mail
Keeping in Touch with Family and Friends - Take the Electronic Mail Level 1 (2 week course) to learn how to access the Internet, send and receive email
with/without attachments, how to maintain the email address book and how to reply, forward, print and delete messages.

Surfing The Web - Learn how to navigate and search the Internet, how to customize searches, add items to your favorites folder, printing and saving images
and print information.

Internet Security will also be explored


Computer Workshops and classes are scheduled throughout the year