I’m excited about the opportunity God is allowing me to be a part of with Him, feeding the Hunger, Homeless, and
Hampered Humanity in the Nelson County Area. I realize the struggles of life that we all face from time to time. And
struggles are REAL! I also know how the pride of life keep us from opening up or telling someone about what we’re in need
of because we feel no one cares, can not be trusted or will only talk about you more so than literally help. However, there’s
a true saying a CLOSED MOUTH WON’T GET FED!!! So please don’t be embarrassed to take advantage of this God
given opportunity to satisfy a need. You won’t be judged, looked upon indifferently, nor questioned openly about your
struggles. Just loved on with a hot meal and a smile of genuine compassion towards your situation. This opportunity will
continue to move forward on Feb 3, 2018 from 12pm-2pm every Saturday at the Nelson Heritage Center on Highway 29 in
Nelson County. Moving from Oak Hill Baptist Church in Roseland VA. This is open to the general public of the Nelson
residents. And again no obligation or expectation...
(Inasmuch as you’ve done it unto one of the least of these My brethren you’ve done unto Me! Words spoken by My Savior
and Your Redeemer!!! “Jesus THE Christ”).

Bless others by helping to spread the word about this feeding program.
We all can help make a difference!
Thank you!
Pastor Ed Hendricks