Dr. Ben Moses is a 59th District 2021 Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegate. He is hosting a “Meet & Greet” event at the Heritage center in Arrington, Virginia on Sunday, September 19, 2021 starting at 5pm to 7pm. In order to address Covid spacing concerns, there will be tents set up outside (weather permitting) Do not forget your masks!  Refreshments Available.  If you vote in the South, East District or live in Faber and vote in the Central District, Moses is your Democratic Candidate

He is an Anethesiologist with UVA. He has worked for years in medical administration, writing policy and networking for same. Candidate Moses has a long history of serving and working with military personnel and military veterans. Equal health access, quality education, environmental reforms is only some of his proposed policies to support as a 59th House Delegate.