Millennium Group
Board Members

Rev. Rodney A. Sandidge, Chairperson
Connie Brennan
Constance Henderson
Clardine Hudson
Destiny Meredith
Rev. James L. Rose
Mary F. Rose
Larry Stopper
Stefforn Thompson
Edith Napier Wardlaw
Emma Wardla

Millennium Group

Carolyn Albritton
Sadie Jackson
Rhamonia Moore

We Pledge

  • To provide a place where citizens can come together and share a sense of family and community values.

  • To support/assist in establishing a community learning center.

  • To give our time and talent, ensuing the smooth, efficient operation of the Nelson Heritage Center.

  • To be ambassadors of the Nelson Heritage Center.
Contact Information

Business Address
P.O.Box 23
Lovingston, VA 22949


434-946-2281 (Rev. Rodney A. Sandidge, Chairperson)
To schedule an event:  (434-946-2281)